Science Girls Review

Anime schoolgirl science majors battling mutant plants? This is just too strange!

Science Girls

You may have heard about the weird Korean guy who "married" his anime girlfriend as a publicity stunt. Well, anime lovers, this casual game review is for you. Science Girls mixes RPG, turn based battle action and schoolgirl anime characters to produce a mildly amusing casual game. It seems a group of anime schoolgirls are about to leave school when it is attacked by a group of mutant plants! The girls search the school, battling ghastly plants all the way, and try to find survivors, weapons, or clues that will help them defeat these creatures once and for all. Their main weapon is their great knowlege of science which enables them to have a chance against the mutant invasion.

The story certainly is original; time to review the game play.

After starting a new game and choosing a name for your character, you'll see the introduction pages which set the story up. You're then shown an overhead view of one floor of your school building which consists of three rooms on either side of a corridor and stairwells at each end. Rooms you have visited will display a classroom while others will appear black with a question mark on them. Some rooms are locked and you cannot enter until you've performed certain tasks.

Science Questions
Learn about plants by answering science
If the room has no mutant plants hiding in there, you can go in and explore the room. As you explore the rooms, you may get clues that lead you to other floors of the building where you pick up weapons, information, or other students who will join your team. When you meet another student, the characters will indulge in some inane conversation that occasionally deal with scientific facts. In some cases, a screen with a multiple choice question related to the science talk will appear that you will have to answer. Incorrect answers don't seem to do any harm.

If you DO run into mutant plants, it's time for combat!

Combat Screen

Combat Screen details
Combat options
The combat screen will appear and display your enemies on the right lower side and your team on the right upper side. Each side can have as many as six team members but only the front three can actually fight. The combat itself is turn based. When each character becomes active, you can select from a series of options such as punch, defend, item, special, flee. Punch, defend and flee are self explanatory while item and special allow you to use special powers or items. If a character in the front row can be exchanged with those in the back row at any time. Usually, this is done if a character is injured or doesn't have the talents needed for the fight. If you are victorious, the character's skills will improve allowing them to fight tougher enemies and liberate your school, once and for all, from mutant plants!!

Last picture

Science Girls is a minimalist RPG game that tries to build enthusiam for science for a younger target audience. The dull fights, mediocre graphics and lack of variety on game screens will not satisfy hard core RPG game fanatics. I know casual games are not on the same level as full featured console games but Science Girls is clunky even for a casual game. Younger audiences may like this game but everyone else will feel like they're playing an 1992 retro game.

This is how I rate Science Girls

Cost - Inexpensive

Available Platforms - PC and Mac

Gameplay - Dull fights and repetitive screens will cure your insomnia

Graphics - Mediocre at best unless you're an anime lover

Originality - Very original idea but poorly executed.

Strong Points - Has science tips that very young players may appreciate

Weak Points - Dull fights, average graphics, banal character get the idea

Boredom/Frustration Ratio: 4/1 - Gets dull real quick.

Overall Rating: 5

Conclusion:Science girls is an idea that had possibility but was not executed very well. RPG players at one time were more than satisfied with seeing the same screen througout the game and turn based fights that gave you the results and little more. Unfortunately for the publishers of Science Girls, it's not 1992 anymore! This game may be good for very young players who are interested in science but that's about it. There have been very good RPG casual games; Science Girls is not one of them.

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