Zuma's Revenge - Adventure Review

Is it possible to improve on a casual game legend? YES, and Zuma's Revenge - Adventure is all the proof you need!

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Quite a few years ago, a casual game came out with some really new ideas, great gameplay and was an incredibly addictive experience. Zuma proved to be a huge success and was hailed by some casual game reviews as the "perfect casual game". This success left the game developers with a nasty question; how do you improve on "perfection". It seems they've found the answer with Zuma's Revenge! - Adventure. It's tough to capture the excitement and addictive game play in any casual game reviews but I'm going to try.

Let's take a closer look.

Combo Shot
Blue balls explode. The
yellow balls close the
gap and explode next.

The story behind the game isn't well developed but it doesn't have to be. You're a frog that has to stop a line of colored balls from reaching an idol in order to stay alive. You can stop the line of balls by shooting a colored ball into the line and creating a match of three or more colored balls. This causes the balls to explode and increments the Zuma bar at the top of the screen. When the Zuma bar is filled, new balls will stop entering the game field so you just have to destroy the ones that remain.

Zuma's Revenge - Adventure keeps the action riveting by slightly changing the game field for each level by combining three basic modifications.

Dual Lines
Shoot fast to keep either of the two
lines from reaching the end.

First: change the path of that the balls take. Moving the path further away makes shots tougher to make and increases the time each shot takes. Looping the path of balls in a circle blocks shots to parts of the line. Some levels add an extra line of balls.

Second: change the location of the frog. Usually, it is in the center and can rotate in a circle. Other levels may put in on a sliding bar that only allows shots in one direction or allow the frog to jump between to locations or lily pads.

Third: increase the number of different colors in the ball line. More colors require a larger number of shots to destroy the line.

Fortunately, you have a series of powerups that allow you to fight back.


Lightning power up
Lightning Powerup. Select one ball
& shoot
Destroys all balls of the selected color
All balls of the selected color
are destroyed
As you play the game, you'll notice that some balls will change to display special symbols.
Destroy these and you'll gain a powerup.
Powerups are gained by destroying a ball with a special symbol on it. The powerups are listed on the image shown above and help you either alter the progress of the balls (slow, rewind) or help you destroy them (bomb, accuracy, lightning, tri-shot, or laser). You can use some of the powerups, such as laser or tri-shot to trigger other powerups. Proper use of the powerups is needed to win the game.

You'll naturally want to run up the score as high as you can and there are special techniques you'll want to use.

Gap shot
Gap Shot - Shoot thru the gap
to hit the red balls
Below is a list of special shots that result in more points:

Chain - the number of sequential scoring shots - higher is better

Combo - destroy one chain that causes another to be destroyed

Gap Shots - shoot through a hole in the line to destroy a group of balls

Fruit - fruit will appear and is usually blocked by the line.

Ace the level - large bonus if you complete the level before the "Ace" time.

No loss of life - A large bonus is awarded if you complete the level without losing a life

Extra lives - you get extra points at the end of the game for each extra life you have.

Boss Battle

Another great addition to Zuma's Revenge - Adventure is the Boss battles, one of which is shown in the image above.
There are six Boss battles and each is located at the end of one of the six sections of the map. The bosses are the six Tikis guarding the island and, as you would expect, they get more difficult as the game progresses. Each new Tiki has more powers than the last which keeps the game challenging. The battles themselves are modifications of the regular game play.

End picture

Zuma's Revenge - Adventure has accomplished the amazing feat of improving the perfect casual game. New features, fast gameplay, and constantly increasing challenges keep this game fresh and addictive. This is the type of game that you just don't get tired of and wind up playing many, MANY times. The Boss battles add a new element to the game play as well as a bit of humor. Download and play this game; you WILL be hooked! Zuma's Revenge - Adventure has only the 60 levels of the "Adventure" part of the game and is missing the smaller "Iron Frog" mode, "Heroic Frog" mode and "Challenge" mode. The "Adventure" mode is the heart of the game and the largest section. This version of Zuma's Revenge only costs half as much as the full version.

This is how I rate Zuma's Revenge - Adventure!

Cost - Not a budget buster at $9.99

Available Platforms - PC Only

Gameplay - Fast, fun and addictive. You WILL play this game more than once.

Graphics - Sharp, colorful with great powerup effects. Also has a 1920 x 1200 game setting

Originality - Small modifications such as modified frog location and new powerups really breath new life into a classic casual game. The Boss battles are also a big improvement.

Strong Points - Fast and addictive with great graphics.

Weak Points - "Zuma's Revenge - Adventure" contains ONLY the 60 "Adventure" mode levels and does NOT contain the smaller "Iron Frog" mode, "Heroic Frog" mode or "Challenge" mode.

Boredom/Frustration Ratio: 1/1 - Perfect balance of action and challenge.

Overall Rating: 10

Conclusion: - A GREAT game. Zuma's Revenge - Adventure retains all of the good features of the original Zuma and goes beyond with some great new features. The "Adventure" mode is the heart of the game and the low cost makes up for the missing "Iron Frog" "Heroic Frog" and "Challenge" modes. Beautiful graphics, great powerup effects along with fast, addictive gameplay make Zuma's Revenge - Adventure an amazing gaming experience.

Download Zuma's Revenge - Adventure! from The Shareware Genie and try it for one hour free. The price has been reduced to $9.99.