Huru Beach Party Review

Take care of a beach resort populated by creepy, square faced people.

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Lindsey - Our Heroine
Lindsey - Our Heroine
Lindsey Huru Humi Doll
The actual Lindsey
Huru Humi Doll
Huru Beach Club is an action maintenance game that follows Lindsey's attempts to earn enough money to enter a volleyball team tournament by running a beach resort. The gameplay involves your character performing a series of repetitive tasks that become more demanding as the number of both customers and tasks increase. You must act quickly or your customers will loose their patience, get angry and leave. Since the game is based loosely on the popular Huru Humi dolls, all the characters have square faces and are kind of disturbing.

After you get used to how weird the characters look, the game is actually very fun.

Customers have arrived !
The game starts with your character standing at the entrance to the beach with nine spaces for customers. Clicking on the customer will give them a chair and allow them to sit on the beach. Once they get in, they get demanding. The first thing they ask for, frequently, is lemonade. Customer requests are shown by conversation balloons that appear above them depicting what they want. Clicking on the conversation balloon brings up a window where you can take care of the appropriate request. In the case of lemonade, you must click on a row of coins to try to get the glass as full as possible and generate the most cash. After this is done, your character takes a time consuming walk over to the lemonade stand, gets the drink and delivers it to your customer. Since your customers tank up with enough lemonade to float a battleship, this task alone often keeps your mouse clicking and your character running.

As the game progresses, you'll add other refreshment items, such as Ice Cream and Bar Drinks, to the beach resort. These items are served in a similar manner with an action required on your part to generate the most value. In the case of Ice Cream, you must make three choices to match the Ice Cream selection chosen by the customer.

Food and beverages are not the only items your customers demand.

Banana Boat Dock
Banana Boat dock with
green ad balloon
Life Ring Stand
Life Ring Stand with
red ad balloon
Recreational services also have to be attended to, such as passing out life rings to swimmers and selling tickets to the banana boat ride. You also have to clean up the beach after each customer leaves. Click on the conversation balloons that appear above characters to provide them with a service. When you click on more than one conversation balloon, a number will appear that lists the order in which the services will be performed.

All of these tasks must be done quickly because your customers eventually lose patience, get angry and leave if they are ignored too long. Watch their faces to get an idea of how long you have; their patience vanishes shortly after their smiles fade.

A nice addition to Huru Beach Party that isn't found in other games of this genre is the ability to hire help. You still have to address a customer's demands, but it's the hired help that walks across the screen to actually get things leaving your character free to address the next task. Umbrellas are also a big help. They keep customers happy longer allowing you to use the extra time to address other tasks.

As you make more money, you are allowed to create improvements that either enhance an existing service or add a new one. For example, improving the lemonade machine makes the lemonade faster while building a banana boat dock allows you to offer your customers boat rides.

Riding the Banana boat

In some cases, you can add a new service and it doesn't catch on with the customers. When this happens, you can advertise the service and a colored balloon will appear over the building. This will draw more customers to the service and make more money for you.


After you complete a few rounds, you'll be able to expand to new beaches and add even more improvements. The map will appear and display new beaches you can open as well as buildings you can either add or improve. You are locked out of certain beach areas until you generate enough resources to open them.

Mini Game

To break up the game play, mini games will appear between certain levels. These are fairly simple and will boost your point total. An example of a mini game has you click on items on a conveyor belt to separate drinks from food.

Square Faced Huru Humi people

The first thing to strike you when you play Huru Beach Party is the disturbingly strange square faced characters. Once you actually see a Huru Humi doll looks like, it becomes obvious what the game publisher were trying to capture and the characters will seem much less strange. Since you're no longer wondering why everyone looks so weird, you'll notice how great the gameplay is. Huru Beach Party's fast action takes the "casual" out of casual game while adding some features to the time management genre that set it apart form its peers. The ability to hire helpers, the variation of services on different beaches, the large amount of improvement options, and the mini games combine to create engaging gameplay in a game genre noted for repetitive actions. Lovers of action maintenance games will find Huru Beach Party a real treat.

This is how I rate Huru Beach Party

Cost - Very cheap at $9.99

Available Platforms - PC Only

Gameplay - The large variety of tasks and mini games keeps Huru Beach Party from being repetitive like many games of this genre are.

Graphics - There are some VERY STRANGE looking people in this game but it's amazing how quickly you get used to them.

Originality - New ideas such as hiring helpers and the variety of tasks really add to this game.

Strong Points - Great gameplay and innovate game features.

Weak Points - The characters could give you nightmares!

Boredom/Frustration Ratio: 2/1 - This genre of games tend be repetitive by design and the first few levels can be sort of slow.

Overall Rating: 8

Conclusion: If you love the action maintenance style of games, you'll have to have Huru Beach Party. A wide variety of tasks and building improvements combine to great a superior gaming experience.

Download Huru Beach Party from The Shareware Genie and try it for one hour free. The price has been reduced to $9.99.