Tri Jinx Review

Match three meets Tetris in this innovative game.

Main game window

Tri Jinx is yet another match three game with an archaeological background story. It seems your father is stuck in the tomb of the triclops and you have to return the sacred amulet to save the day. As it's name implies, the game has a "Triangular" theme; the triclops, the amulet is a triangle made of four other triangles and all of the match three pieces are triangles. Despite the hackneyed story line, Tri Jinx has added some new ideas to the match three genre to create a really engaging and challenging game.

You have your choice of playing in Adventure, Arcade, or Puzzle mode. Let's take a look at Adventure mode.

Solve Puzzle
Solve puzzle to open the gate
Open Gate
Gate Open
The match three board is in the form of a circular gate that swings open after a few levels are completed. Unlike other games, the match three pieces aren't stable but fall from the top of the "gate" and tumble down the existing pieces into a random pile. Clicking on any group of three adjacent pieces of the same color makes them vanish and allows the other pieces to fall down and take their place. If the pieces build up to a point where the falling pieces are stopped, or if the timer bar runs out, the pieces will all turn to "stone" and you lose the level.

They add a few extras to spice things up.

Three idols
Three Idols-Red one is getting filled
Unlike most match three games, you don't have to fill up a board by matching icons on top of it. Tri Jinx has three or more idols on the top with hollow centers to fill up before you proceed to the next level. The idols are empty in the center and fill up each time you match pieces of the same color. Matching pieces that are not the same color of the idol will still give you bonuses but it won't help to complete the level. Once all the idols are filled, they crash to the ground and the level ends.

The color and number of idols changes for each level. To start you have three different colored idols but later levels sometimes have two or three idols of the same color. There is even a gray idol that will accept any color match. Later levels have more than three idols.

Stone pieces are added to the puzzle in later levels. The stones restrict the piece movement and cause them to pile up in unwanted areas. As the level increase, the stone placement makes the puzzles much more difficult. The stone pieces can be destroyed or moved by using a bomb.

As the pieces fall, they land on top of other existing pieces and pile up making the bottom rows inaccessible. To prevent this you have the option to rotate the board by a quarter turn in either direction by clicking on the rotate arrows. Doing this twice in the same direction essentially turns the board upside down and causes all the pieces to tumble to the bottom in a different order.

Scoring is based on three things:
1)How quickly you complete the level The timer bar is circular and goes all the way around the board. The faster you fill the idols up, the more points you will score. If the timer bar runs out before you fill the idols, you lose the level.

Red wheel bonus
Red wheel bonus using
a wildcard piece
Triangle bonus
The Triangle bonus
creates a bomb
2)How many pieces are left on the board.
The fewer pieces that are left on the board, the higher the score.

You get bonuses for matching pieces of the same color in certain shapes. For instance, you get a bomb bonus for matching four pieces in the shape of a triangle and you get a point bonus for matching six pieces of the same color in the form of a circle.

Click on the bomb
to destroy stone pieces
next to it.
There are also specials to help you out. If you match three groups of the same color in a row, you create a scarab of that color. If the scarab is unused, you get additional points, if you use it, it will destroy all pieces on the board of that color. The additional benefit of using the scarab is that the remaining colors will now be easier to match. The bomb, which was mentioned above, has the added benefit of destroying adjacent pieces and stone pieces. This is very useful when the stone pieces form a wall that prevents pieces from reaching the bottom of the board.

The other two modes use the same puzzle board with minor variations. Arcade mode has no time limit and you try to get as many points as possible until the pieces back up. Puzzle mode displays a full board and has you search for patterns among the puzzle pieces.

Good Job

Tri Jinx has a really novel approach to the match three game genre that works perfectly. Increasingly harder game board patterns keep the gameplay exciting while new specials constantly change game strategy. I have to admit that I was dangerously close to becoming an incurable Tri Jinx addict while writing this casual game review. Always challenging, never exasperating and always engaging, Tri Jinx will have YOU addicted in no time. For match three game lovers, Tri Jinx is a must.

This is how I rate Tri Jinx

Cost - It's practically free at $9.99 !!

Available Platforms - PC and Mac

Gameplay - ADDICTIVE! This game grabs you and holds you in front of the screen.

Graphics - Very good.

Originality - The new ideas in this game completely transcend the match three genre.

Strong Points - Very engaging gameplay with three different modes to try. You won't get bored with this game.

Weak Points - The story line is sort of lame but most of them are with match three games. It never gets intrusive so it's really a minor point.

Boredom/Frustration Ratio: 1/1 - The difficulty constantly increases without ever getting to the point that you want to pull your hair out. The result is a very engaging game that will tie you to your PC for longer than you planned.

Overall Rating: 10

Conclusion: If you're looking for an enjoyable, exciting, addictive and replayable game, then download Tri Jinx. The new features transcend the match 3 genre to create a unique game playing experience. If you still need an excuse, take a look at the very low registration cost. Tri Jinx is a great game value and a game everyone should try.

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from The Shareware Genie and try it for one hour free. The price has been reduced to $9.99.