Review Guidelines

How many times have you seen movie reviewers trash a slasher movie because it wasn't Shakespeare? I think the audience that goes to slasher movies aren't really looking for deep meanings, symbolism or fancy prose; probably just gore and screaming.

You can say the same for game reviews.

I've seen some games trashed because they weren't enough like other games that the reviewer liked better. They seem to miss the point that you don't buy Civilization if you're looking for a first person shooter.

The goal here is to review a game for what it is and not what it isn't.

If I don't like a certain style of game, I'm not going to trash it based on my personal feelings but will try to rate how it compares to other games of the same type. How I determine the final 1 to 10 rating will be based on the following:

1) Cost - I don't expect as much from a $10 game as I do from a $60 game but I'll never give a game a good rating based only on price. I've seen some games that were so bad that I wouldn't take them for free. Any amount I state as a game price should be viewed as an estimate, since the prices change so often.
2) Gameplay - How a game plays is the most important factor.
3) Graphics - Great graphics can really enhance a good game but can never save a lousy one. The graphics, however, would have to be REALLY bad before I'd give a game a bad rating based only on this category.
4) Originality - I've seen many very good copies of popular games so this isn't NEEDED for a game to be good. A new idea DOES make a game more fun.
5) Boredom/Frustration ratio - Many games are too easy and become boring. Other games are impossible to win so you delete them out of frustration. I created this ratio as a way to measure the balance between the two. A 1/1 is perfectly balanced and will provide hours of challenging gameplay, a 5/1 is so easy and dull you'll stop playing after 15 minutes and a 1/5 is too difficult to imagine.

I'll then give my conclusions on these items:

1) Strong Points - What makes the game good.

2) Weak Points - What makes the game awful.
3) Overall Rating - This is a 1 to 10 rating. Anything rated 6 and up means you'll probably get your money's worth. A 5 or below means there are better games available.
4) Conclusion - closing remarks.